Community Investment

The Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm aims to be an active member of the local community by supporting local initiatives and events.

A Community Fund of $200,000 each year will run for the life of the project. The fund will commence once the project starts construction and will be split between community initiatives ($150,000) and scholarships ($50,000).

Applications will be evaluated by the Community Consultative Committee (CCC), or a sub-committee, who will determine how best to distribute the funds.

Community Fund

The Community Fund will give financial support to community groups and projects within the vicinity of the project that provide a benefit to the local community.

Funding applications will be considered from all sectors, including but not limited to public health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, skills and education, recreation and cultural activities.

Further information can be found in the Community Fund Guidelines.


The scholarship program will support the costs of attending and undertaking education (e.g. course costs, study related materials or tutoring). Applications will be welcomed from any age, for any level of education (e.g. high school, tertiary or upskilling) and will be awarded based on eligibility and selection criteria included in the guidelines.

Further information cane be found in the Community Fund Scholarship Guidelines