Community Consultative Committee

The committee will provide a forum for open discussion between representatives of Clark Creek Wind and Solar Farm and representatives of the local community throughout the life of the project. The committee will also have a key role in developing the framework for the administration of the community fund.

Committee members are:

  • Independent chairperson:
    • Noel Herley, MiCOMM
  • Community representatives:
    • Harry Kemp
    • Kerry Wallace
    • Chloe Atkinson
    • Amanda Mahy
    • Lynise Conaghan
    • Briel Dorr
    • Rob Sherry
  • Local council representatives:
    • Cr Viv Coleman, Isaac Regional Council
    • Jim Hutchinson, Manager Engaged Communities, Isaac Regional Council (Observer)
    • Tony Lau, Manager Engineering Services, Livingstone Shire Council
  • Clarke Creek Wind Farm representatives.

For more information on the role and purpose of the committee please look at the documents below.

CCWF CCC Terms of Reference Aug19

CCWF CCC Declaration of Interest Aug19


CCC Meeting Thursday 6th August, 11-12.30pm, Teleconference

CCWF CCC Meeting Agenda Aug 6th 2020

CCWF Project Update for CCC Aug 2020

CCWF CCC Minutes August 2020


CCC Meeting Thursday 14th May, 12.30-2pm, Teleconference

The meeting scheduled for 2nd April was rescheduled to 14th May and held by teleconference.

CCWF CCC Meeting Agenda May 14th 2020

CCWF Project Update for CCC May 2020

CCWF CCC Meeting Minutes May 2020


CCC Meeting Thursday 16th Jan 12.30-3pm, Clarke Creek Community Hall

CCWF CCC Inaugural meeting Agenda Jan 2020

CCWF Project Update for CCC Jan 2020

CCWF CCC Meeting Minutes Jan 2020